Glock 19 Review

Glock 19 Review - Ever since the dawn of modern warfare war fighters have desired a pistol that would compliment there rifle and serve as a back up should there primary weapon fail.

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The Glock 19 Review:

Ever since the dawn of modern warfare war fighters have desired a pistol that would compliment there rifle and serve as a back up should there primary weapon fail.

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In the US from World War I till the mid 1980’s the standard issue side arm was the Colt M1911 .45 ACP. The 1911 designed by legendary gun designer John Mosses Browning who also designed the M2 .50 BMG (Browning Machine Gun) .30 BMG and the .30 BAR. As Americans we tend to think bigger always = better and some would argue to this day in the world of pistol calibers this is true.

Even Browning realized the 1911 for the soldier packed almost too much and then he designed the Browning High Power pistol around the German 9mm Lugar Pistol cartage.

Glock 19 Review - Cost of Global Domination: While U.S. Armed Forces seemed to reluctant accept the 9mm over the .45 ACP round because of its limited knockdown power and killing ability there seem to be factors that can not be ignored.

1. Commonality. Until the switch to 9mm the US was the only country in NATO and the majority of the rest of the world that did not have the 9mm round

2. Number of rounds. In a compact frame the Glock 19 9mm holds 15 rounds, the same as the full size Beretta M9, and double that of the 1911. The Glock 19 9mm can accept magazines of larger frame Glock 9mm pistols.

3. Recoil. Even in a compact frame pistol the 9mm round is very manageable for when needed second follow up shots.

4. Cost. Depending on where you get ammo the cost for .45 ACP can be 2-3 times that of 9mm because you are using less lead, brass and powder.

Glock 19 Review - Glock and the AK: The case for the Glock being the best weapons system using the 9mm round is the same reason I believe the AK-47 is the best rifle- simplicity, durability, required maintenance, reliability, and ability to take mistreatment.

1. Simplicity. The Glock Family of Pistols have 34 parts. When field stripped they have 4- slide, frame, barrel, recoil spring assembly. For pistols that have more parts than this there is less chance something will break with the Glock.

2. Durability. Given the nickname “Combat Tupperware” by its competitors when first introduced Glock’s frames are made of plastic, which is not prone to rust and in a desert or hot environment get so hot you can’t touch it. The finish on the slide is a super hard finish called Tenifer, which is very corrosion resistant.

3. Required Maintenance. Glocks are rumored to shoot indefinitely without any maintenance at all. While this is something I am not going to attempt with mine, it is a very solid platform. According to a Glock armorer instructor it requires 2 drops of oil on the barrel when field stripped to none at all, to prevent over oiling.

4. Reliability. I have never herd of or experienced a Glock not going bang when the trigger was pulled unless it was bad ammo, not to say it can’t happen, its just highly unlikely and was probably due to human error.

5. Ability to Take Mistreatment. Glocks have endured torture tests that have made it legendary including salt water immersion, ice block, sand and mud immersion tests. All have ended with the pistol putting lead down range. This reliability has given Glock roughly 80% of America’s law enforcement market.

Glock 19 Review - Why it's my favorite: The case for the model 19 is not as easy to make but it is my personal favorite for a few key reasons.

1. Size. The 19 is small enough to conceal in a Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) role, yet large enough to carry as a duty / secondary weapon.

2. Multiple Magazines. Another very attractive quality of Glock family weapons the magazines of a larger frame weapon will fit the smaller frame weapons of the same caliber.

When working I carry my 19 with a Glock 17 magazine, this gives me another 2 round of ammo without having to modify a factory magazine. While the Glock 19 9mm is my personal favorite as a sidearm and the gun I work with as a security professional. It is also important to know where you will be going with your gun, to acquire ammo and parts if something breaks.

Whatever you decide to carry it is important to train and shoot frequently as possible with whatever gun you carry to become as proficient as possible with it because lets face it, lives are on the line and more often than not it will be yours.

So it is important to care for and train with your pistol whether it is a 1911, Sig, Beretta, or Glock. It is very important before going live to research the type of pistol you will be using and to train with it before it matters.

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