Counter IED Training
EOD & Bomb Squads Only
Updated Q3 2018

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Counter IED Training for EOD and Bomb Squads Only is available at Training Center Pros or at your location.

  • This IED course is updated quarterly to provide training on the most current threats that are occurring in the US and around the Globe.
  • Ideally created as a 4 day course, this training can be provided in 3 days or as long as 5 days to accommodate the needs of the command in regards to personnel and budget.
  • Pre-course and post-course tests will be provided to track the progress of the Techs based on years of experience and rank.
  • Devices built will model the current threat but will be more robust to continue command exercises and training after the course.
  • Quarterly updates available.

Counter IED Training Mod 1 – Electronics

  • Voltage, Current, and Resistance
  • Ohm’s Law (with written equations/examples)
  • Kirchhoff’s Voltage theories
  • SCRs/Relays
  • LED's

Mod 2 – Advanced Theories

  • Resistors in Parallel                   
  • Digital Logic                   
  • DTMF/Radios                   
  • RFT-2

Mod 3 – Devices/Current Trends

  • Series
  • Parallel
  • Series/Parallel 
  • (Pros/Cons)

Mod 4 – Selecting a Target

  • OPFOR Theory (Target Selection – Who, What, When, Where)                   
  • Device Selection (How)                   
  • Component Selection/Circuit Selection                   
  • Practical/Tabletop Exercise (Plan an attack against known EOD team in AO)

Mod 5 – Avoiding Detection

  • Summary of CONUS attacks/Movement – Detection Avoidance Theory
  • Target Package homework (Split class into teams, develop an attack against local target)

MOD 6 - Hands On

  • IED Construction
  • X-Ray and X-Ray Interpetation

MOD 7 - FTX Practical

EOD Teams are now ready to run as they would operationally from receiving the initial report, responding according to SOP's through forensics and evidence collection.

  • Classroom divided into four teams of 4-5 personnel  
  • Two teams will be active EOD teams operating under SOPs; 
  • Two in-active teams will operate as local CEXC lab/teams.  
  • Once 9Line is received, EOD team operates as normal; any device/components are brought back to CEXC site.  
  • CEXC and EOD team exploit device and develop reports based on information seen/found. 

There's no reason to sit through an out-of-date Counter IED Training ever again.  Training Center brings the most current information and takes you through Crawl, Walk, Run quickly.

Training Center provides all consumables and materials needed to create devices.  Devices remain with the command for future training.

EOD Tool Kits may be purchased based on the needs and the budget of the command.

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