IED Search Team

Having an IED Search Team for your special event or even on call could be all that is between you and success or failure.

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You’re smart or you wouldn’t be reading this. You know the threat from the bad guys is real and you’re prepared to act. You realize that everything possible to stop them has to be done long before they turn you and your company into a target. You’re looking for solutions, not slogans. You’re looking for security, not show. We know why this matters to you, what’s important, and, believe me, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get real about the situation and take action before your company gets caught up in the action.

Here’s the hard truth: Having an IED Search Team // Private Bomb Squad // Terrorism Reconnaissance Team, may well be your best solution for preventing a radical extremist attack from occurring at your next event. 

You know that as a Soft Target, a terrorist or radical group, whether from the Middle East, home grown here in the US, or even paid protestors, could easily penetrate your perimeter to kill and injure people, while damaging - perhaps irreparably - the value you’ve worked hard for years to create. We know how to erase the threat before the bad guys show up to eradicate what’s precious to you.

You’re reading along and so I’m going to take for granted that you already know that the slightest difference of opinion with a radical person or group you or your company possess and express, or even your geographic location, can put you in the cross hairs of terrorists, ultimately putting people in the grave and your company on the evening news right where you don’t want it.

The threat is real:

•    Terrorism

•    Radical Protests

•    Lone Wolf Attacks

•    Hate Groups

That’s the sad shopping list of just some of the pathetic people who might view your company as a threat to them or as a platform to get their message out. If that happens, you won’t have a lot of time to respond, and you’ll need the expertise of professionals to stop them; you’ll want that a lot more than the expertise of professionals whose job it is to clean up what’s left after the attack. The truth is, you should have the expertise in place and fighting for you to deter the rogues from even considering hitting you, stopping it long before they even think about starting.

The solution is clear, expert, affordable, and available.

It’s clear: Having a highly visible security team in place is critical to dissuade most bad players but having a covert, highly trained team that specializes in IED’s, Terrorism and Physical Security, provides your best chance of eliminating a terrorist or radical event from happening.

•    Recon and ID Suspicious Packages & Persons

•    Access Control & Security Personnel 3rd Party Quality Control Supervision

•    Search vehicles, rooms and buildings prior to guest arrival

•    Isolation of suspicious packages

•    Document and Report Suspicious Activity

•    Correctly report to responding Bomb Squad Members

From Event Inception through the departure of dignitaries & guests …

It’s Expert: Steve Cassidy brings his 33 years of professional security experience including his service as a US Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician.  Not only did Mr. Cassidy serve with Naval SPECWAR and US Army Special Forces, he held US Secret Service Credentials and provided these same services for President Clinton in Warsaw Poland and Mdm. Secretary Albright in Jerusalem and at Arafat’s Headquarters in Palestine.

TC Pros, Inc. founded by Steve Cassidy, is a leader in supplying tactical gear and training to the most advanced military and law enforcement special operations units in the world. Simply put, we know what the hell we’re doing; we don’t mess around; we get the job done; and you’ll be glad you called us.

It’s affordable: We’re in business too, so we know costs matter. Remember, we’re on the job to keep you from paying a price others want to inflict on you and we view them with the same antipathy you do. Let’s talk. We guarantee that we can sculpture a plan as unique to you, your company, and your event as is the threat you face. You’ll get what you pay for - the best, and because we love what we do we are going to give you the best deal possible to secure an opportunity to serve you. It’s that simple.

We’re Available: We can do this because we’re ready. Right Now Ready! We’re working non-stop and our teams are taking on more and more high profile assignments. I know what it takes to protect this country’s most important assets and how fast into action a team has to move. We’re packed and ready. 


It’s time to put the most highly-trained, well-equipped team to work for you.  From T-Shirts to Tuxedos, let TC Pros protect your employees, customers, event, business or campus.

We are the Force Multiplier to your existing security detail. When you know you need more than average and good; when you know you need the best, TC Pros is the team to call.

For more information call 877-363-2626 or Click HERE to see pricing for having your IED Search Team at your next event.