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Who should attend the 40 Hour HAZWOPER Training with Training Center Pros?

Those that need to get their HAZWOPER certificate completed on their schedule.

Over 270 others have already met their HAZWOPER requirements with us!

"I wanted to thank you for telling us about Training Center Pros. I just finished the 40 hr HAZWOPER online course on the Training Center Pros website and I was very favorably impressed. The site is very professional and moves quickly even with the extremely slow Internet connection here." - James M.

Our HAZWOPER customers include the following companies and agencies plus many more individuals across the UXO, oil, remediation and other hazardous site worker industries.

40 hour hazwoper training

40 Hour HAZWOPER Training Overview

For those students who are looking to take the OSHA 40 Hour HAZWOPER training from their computer via the internet, we offer a course that can be completed entirely online. Instead of hands-on training, students are shown over 50 short video clips as if they were at the 8-hour hands-on session.

These video clips are required viewing by each participant. The video clips demonstrate HAZWOPER equipment in great detail and students have the advantage to review the videos over and over as needed during their course.

Most users select the online option for their 40 Hour HAZWOPER training, simply because they still find a need for on-site specific equipment training, even after attending a classroom session. This is because the equipment we use and instruct on in our classroom training may not be the exact equipment that the user will be using as part of their job.

It should be noted, however, that the online version does not allow students the practical experience and ability to handle the tools and equipment that are available to the HAZWOPER worker.

Students that should take this course entirely online are those workers who may or may not use this equipment, but are given follow up instruction with on-site specific equipment training that is conducted by the employer.

It should also be noted that a worker who has taken the OSHA 40 Hour HAZWOPER (or anyone else in this case) entirely online may warrant more training if, in the future, they are required to use specialized equipment.

Taking the training online and having training on-site by the employer is really the best option as it provides the best of both situations.

If you're an EOD or UXO Tech, you've been well trained and understand the risks. This training satisfies what employers are looking for giving you the ability to earn a great income.

Great course and I immediately had my certificate to send to my contractor! - Erik, EOD

Couldn't take time off from work to sit through class. This was the best way for me to meet the requirements.- James, UXO

That's why SGC Training Center is offering this 100% online 40 Hour HAZWOPER training. Now you can stay at work, enjoy your time and do the training at your leisure. When you finish the course, you can immediately print off your certificate* for your records and to send in with your resume.

40 Hour Course Topics

This course consists of 53 sections broken down into 9 modules. It is recommended that users take each section in sequential order, although this is not required.

Module 1

  1. 24 and 40 Hour HAZWOPER Training Overview
  2. Introduction and HAZWOPER Overview
  3. Regulatory Overview
  4. Safety and Health Program
  5. Medical Surveillance

Module 2

  1. Hazardous Materials Recognition and Reference Sources
  2. Toxicology
  3. The Hazard Communication Standard
  4. Physical and Chemical Properties

Module 3

  1. Site Characterization and Analysis
  2. Site Control
  3. General Safety Hazards

Module 4

  1. Personal Protective Equipment
  2. Respiratory Protection Program
  3. Chemical Protective Clothing
  4. Medical Considerations for Wearing Chemical Protective Clothing
  5. Gas Detection Basics
  6. Sampling Methods and Procedures

Module 5

  1. Containment and Spill Management
  2. Decontamination
  3. HAZWOPER Emergencies
  4. Confined Space Overview

Module 6

  1. Introduction to Respiratory Protection
  2. Types of Respiratory Protection
  3. Respirator Selection and Use
  4. Respirator Medical Evaluation
  5. Respirator Fit Testing
  6. Respirator Training and Program Guidelines
  7. Respirator Maintenance and Care

Module 7

  1. Chemical Protective Clothing (CPC) Overview
  2. Chemical Protective Clothing (CPC) Program
  3. Chemical Protective Clothing (CPC) Selection
  4. Chemical Protective Clothing Classifications
  5. Donning Chemical Protective Clothing
  6. Doffing Chemical Protective Clothing
  7. Decontaminating Chemical Protective Clothing
  8. Inspection Storage and Maintenance of Protective Clothing
  9. Training and Monitoring for CPC

Module 8

  1. Preventing Sparks
  2. Sensor Technology
  3. Types of Gas Detection Systems
  4. Colorimetric Tubes and Diffusion Tubes
  5. Flammability and CGI's (Combustible Gas Indicators)
  6. PIDs and FIDs
  7. Other Detection Devices

Module 9

  1. Video - Overview
  2. Video - Respirators
  3. Video - Level A
  4. Video - Level B
  5. Video - CPC Components and Accessories
  6. Video - Monitoring and Detection
  7. Video - Miscellaneous Tools and Equipment
  8. Summary and Conclusion

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