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Having EOD Night Vision equipment is now a necessity rather than a Nice-To-Have.

Having NVG's is great but if you've had to work up close or scan the room for tripwires and devices, you know it's easy to miss something.  

With our line of equipment built for night ops, you'll be able to be seen by your platoon, locate trips, see better and even up close with your NVG's and clear the room much quicker.

EOD Night Vision IR Lasers

Z-Bolt IR lasers come in Dot, Line and Combination Dot & Line.  Weapon mountable or hand held, these lasers are easy to use to sweep for trips.  With the Combination Line/Dot, just twist the head of the laser to switch between the two.  Also available in Green and an option in the Custom EOD Tool Kit.

See Up Close In NVG's

NVG Depth of Field - Be able to see up close when wearing NVG's with these adapters.  You'll be able to read a book while you're wearing these or even better yet, do a great recon to know exactly what you have.  This is a simple add-on to your current NVG's.

Helmet Mount IR Lights

Make night ops easier with a ballistic helmet mountable IR light.  The IR light has Low, High and Beacon and runs on 1 AA battery!  The visible light spectrum includes Blue, Green, Red and White.  When the IR is turned on, the visible spectrum circuit is by-passed so there's no way you can lose light discipline.  This light is also available in Visible Light only for those not needing IR.

IR Area Flood Lights

With & Without an IR Flood

IR Area Flood Lights are available!  Battery operated and re-chargeable, these lights can light up the country side for even better lighting than just what the NVG's provide.  Set up the lights in the field or mount them to your patrol vehicles.  Hand portable and can be turned on and off via the switch or optional key fob.  Other accessories include a tripod and carry case.  Be sure to contact us for an official quote.

Visible Lights

We offer a large selection of visible lights including brands like Gerber, Pelican, Petzl and Nitecore.  With a wide range of lumen and battery capacity, you'll be sure to find the exact light you're looking for.

If you're a command and need a quote for multiple items, just fill out the Contact Us page with your request and we'll have that back to you either the same day or first thing the next morning.

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