Does 8 Hour HAZWOPER Supervisor expire?

by Steve Cassidy
(President, Training Center Pros, Inc.)

Does the 8 Hour HAZWOPER Supervisor expire?

Great question and here's the easiest explanation I have for the 8 Hour Supervisor:

It acts a lot like the 40 Hour HAZWOPER in that you only need to take it once and then continue taking the 8 Hour Refresher. The best part is that the 8 Hour HAZWOPER Supervisor Refresher counts as your standard 8 Hour Refresher!
No need to double up!

To answer your question, the HAZWOPER Supervisor Initial doesn't really expire. Like the 40 Hour, you just need to keep your Refresher training up-to-date.

Got $39.95 and 2 Hours? Shhh! Course can be done that quickly!

If you're supervising HAZWOPER workers, then you really should have the HAZWOPER Supervisor.

If you're not a supervisor but would like to be, you should take the HAZWOPER Supervisor Initial training. Why wait for something you'll need in the future when you can have it now and be in the position to become a supervisor immediately?

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