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LALO Tactical

LALO Tactical Nashville Tennessee and around the world available at Training Center Pros and or by Private Showing at our facility on Elm Hill Pike in Nashville or our showroom in Huntsville.

Would you put retreads on a Ferrari?  Of course you wouldn't.  Why would you train to peak physical and mental performance, survive the training you went through to become Special Operations and put yourself at risk with sub-standard boots?  

Finally, LALO has the answer with the most high performance boot available today.

Designed for either land based operations or Littoral Warfare, LALO offers the Shadow Intruder and the Shadow Amphibian Combat Boot.  Both are available in Black and Tan.

LALO Tactical Available at

Why LALO Tactical?

"Why LALO Tactical?" you ask.

Weight:  LALO boots are super light weight which over the course of a ruck reduces fatigue and increases pace speed and endurance.

Stability:  LALO soles are designed to reduce flex caused by uneven terrain or actions like climbing stairs or rock faces.  The uppers hold everything where it's supposed to be preventing high ankle sprains or other foot injuries.

Arch Spikes: The spikes located in the arch of the outer boot assist in climbing ropes and could provide additional stability during Fast Rope ops.

Blade Proof Toes:  Top coating around toes prevent the possibility of a dropped knife penetrating the boot and giving you an unscheduled pedicure.

Rock Climbing Toes:  The sole of the boot at the toes has micro edges giving you additional surface area to grab all kinds of terrain as you're climbing.

Swim Fin Catch: On both Amphibian and Intruder, a swim fin catch is placed on the lower right heel.  Designed for OTB and Dive Ops where you need to transition quickly from fins to boots.

There are too many features with these boots to describe here on this page.  There's the old saying, "You can't learn to ride a bike at a seminar."  

Once you try these boots on, you'll understand the attention to detail and foresight that brought these shoes to reality.  Be sure to give these a test drive.  You'll be glad you did.

What's the Difference Between the Amphibian and the Shadow Intruders?

The boots are almost identical with the exception that the Amphibian have micro drain holes inside that allows water to exit the side of the soul.  No more grommets to fall out, rip out, etc. allowing all kinds of rocks to get in your shoes.

PRO NOTE: Performance matters.  These boots are the best on the market.  If you want the complete package, I highly recommend SwiftWick High Compression Knee High Socks.  The socks are designed to support all 3 arch components within the arch of your foot.  Superb wicking for dryness, arch support, improved circulation means less fatigue and better endurance and you won't blister.  

BONUS:  They reduce the stink factor significantly.  You could wear these for 2 or 3 days and not gag.

Please email or call prior to coming over.  

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1029 Elm Hill Pike Nashville, TN 37210

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