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IED Terrorism Weekly, Issue #004
March 09, 2008
Welcome to the new issue of SGC Group's IED Terrorism Weekly. What is this weekly for and how can it help you? IED's are the number 1 killer of our troops and there are terrorism incidents everyday, globally.

We want to provide to you a place where you can get relevant information that will help protect the troops, increase awareness to the global problem of terrorism and get you information that you won't find in the media.

If you're looking for contractor work or just want to stay in the loop with units, the newest gear or weapons, we hope you'll get it here. If you like what you're reading, then feel free to send it on to your friends.

We want this weekly to be yours. When you have an idea on how we can improve this, please let us know. We are also looking for editorial contributors. Send us your story or article and we'll do our best to get it on here.

If we do use your story, gear review or idea, we'll give you the credit and would also like to add your photos as well.

What's new at SGC Group

We are just back from a trip to Panama City, FL and Ft. Lauderdale, FL where we attended the AUSA conference.

We were able to showcase our new Advanced IED Training System and have purchase orders coming from those.

Due to increased requests for our Universal IED and our Advanced IED Training System which incorporates the Universal IED we are looking for more people to help us on the business development side with our Training System and Universal IED sales. See below for more details on business development and selling ad space on the SGC Group site.

Gear Review

We have had readers publish new articles under our Gear Review Page.

This is where you can read reviews of gear, weapons and clothing and also add your own gear reviews and feedback. If there is a piece of gear that you like and wouldn't be without, we would like to add it so that information gets out to our readers. Please Visit Gear Review We do have a few of the "Introducing Terrorists to 72 Virgins" t-shirts remaining. When they're gone, they're gone. The shirts are $20 and I'll pick up the freight. We do take Visa, Master Card and American Express by phone or you can use the Pay Pal link of the site. If you do use the Pay Pal, fill out the form to let me know what size you want. We have Mediums through XXL.

We also have some of our standard green T-Shirts with our IED OPFOR logo on the front and back. These are $15 and like the 72 Virgins shirts, I’ll pick up shipping.

IED & Terrorism News

Domestic IED’s continue to make the news here in the US. As the proliferation of IED technology, it’s important to stay current with threat levels and increase our situational awareness. When I receive news about IED’s and terrorism, I add it to the web site by using an aggregator on the SGC Group Blog. This is a direct feed from multiple sources that I receive into my account. You can also subscribe to the blog and receive the updates as they're published.

Suspicious Device Found In Northeast Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- A suspicious device was found Friday in northeast Bakersfield and examined by the bomb squad, according to a sheriff's department report.

Officials said the device was found… Full Story

NEBRASKA : Federal Judge Finds Suspicious Package On Porch

[KETV] NEBRASKA : Federal Judge Finds Suspicious Package On Porch "judge found a silver briefcase near his back door around 5 p.m"

"As a marshal service we've seen quite an increase in threats against judges and anytime we find something like that, that we can't explain, we take it very seriously." Full Story

GEORGIA : WellStar Employees Evacuated in Cherokee

[Atlanta Journal:Constitution] GEORGIA : WellStar employees evacuated in Cherokee "Cherokee County health officials evacuated a WellStar urgent care facility. "13 people were taken to the company's Kennestone Hospital about eight miles south in Marietta."

"They were complaining of a red rash to their arms, or from the top of their heads, burning sensations to the back of their throat." Full Story


As we have our expanded catalog of IED's, WMD trainers and our Universal IED, we are looking for individuals that are interested in the business development side of SGC Group. There are not territories so the field is wide open. It is straight commission but then it's a great way to use your connections, stay in the community and make some money.

Also, if you find us a training contract, not only will you earn a commission but we'd like to use you in the training and pay you for that as well.

Because of our increased traffic and subscription rate, we are looking for companies that would like to advertise on the SGC Group site. If you have questions about this opportunity or advertising here, please let us know.

We continually look for and post jobs and opportunities on the SGC web site. Because we are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, we can get federal contract easier than other companies.

PSD and Body Guards

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

PSD and Body Guard work is very rewarding despite its’ long hours of boredom inter-mixed with a few moments of pandemonium.

I spoke with a friend this evening and he related to me that one of his friends in Iraq was actually bored! I can think of other ways to describe that, like grateful.

As the overt war seems to be winding down, we can see that domestically there are plenty of things happening CONUS that should keep everyone employed…if you look better than the next guy.

How do you do that? I like to reference Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Blink. It talks about how people judge others in the blink of an eye. I receive resumes all the time and some of the them read like a Clancy novel. Nothing wrong with that, if you have the time.

If someone is making a decision in the blink of an eye, why do you think they’ll take the time to read a full blown resume? The best way to make a great impression is a “CV.”

The “curriculum vitae” which is Latin, meaning “course of life” is the answer. We all like bullets and that is what the CV provides. Bullets. Your CV is a resume boiled down to bullet points from most recent employer and dates going back in time. Be sure to list any classes, continuing education, languages, computer skills and licensing.

Your CV should also include a photograph of yourself to show that you are height and weight proportionate. If you’re looking for contract with an executive, you want to consider what you’re wearing in the photograph. If you need to get in better shape, get to the gym.

I met with a friend last year about doing this kind of work overseas to find out he didn’t have a passport. I told him to get one and he said that he would get one when someone hired him. It doesn’t work that way. Fast forward 6 months. He has his passport and has traveled internationally many times and is leaving for Cambodia shortly.

Keep in mind we will post your PSD Body Guard resume on the SGC Group web site. We are getting about 600 visitors a day and you will have your own URL for your resume. Chances are, someone will see yours and give you a call.

This also makes it a little easier to move your resume around without sending attachments. Just drop your specific URL in your email and send it.

Contracting officers and HR appreciate the ease of opening a web page instead of downloading a document. We'll even update it for you when something changes. Some, not all of you, will also want to take advantage of putting your picture on the resume as well.

Contact your person at Body Guards Unlimited to get your password and get your resume on the SGC Group site.

Keep up the great work you're doing and let us know what you're doing and how we can help.

Stay low. Run fast.

Steve Cassidy

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