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SGC Group EOD Jobs Update
December 19, 2011

This obviously is not for everyone - Solar Jobs. I'm looking for Techs that know low voltage for solar sign sales. Some don't see the connection with EOD and solar signs. It's a low voltage circuit not much different from IED's.

I have set up a the beginnings of the web catalog, Solar Custom Signs to give you the basic understanding of what we're doing.

The best part is, no one else has a sign like these!

We've all seen the signs with the solar panel sticking up out the top of the sign. With ours, the solar panel is incorporated into the frame.

I'll stop throwing up on you. You're either interested or you're not.

I am continually looking for EOD/UXO positions that aren't published in the mainstream media channels. Chances are, pickings will be slim until after Christmas.

Look forward to hearing from those that are interested.

Thanks again,

Steve Cassidy Managing Partner SGC Group, LLC

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