Handgun Carry Permit Training Nashville Tennessee

DUNS 032583797 a CVE-Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

Handgun Carry Permit Training Nashville Tennessee is now available so you can legally carry and protect yourself and your loved ones.

You've realized that it takes law enforcement three to six minutes to respond to emergency calls and that you are responsible for your self's and your family's safety and protection.  But you better know the rules to this serious game and be licensed to do so.

We know most folks have a busy schedule with work, family and all the drama that life throws at us which is why we offer the handgun carry permit course from 5pm to 9pm.  That's 1700 until 2100 for those of us that have actually seen all 24 hours on a clock face.  

First Step

The first step in the process is to register with the State of Tennessee before attending the course of instruction.

Click here to be taken the State of Tennessee website to register.  You will be given a code after filling out the form that you must have to complete the registration.

Handgun Carry Training Cost

Handgun Carry Permit Training Nashville Tennessee has 2 ways to save you money and the cost is as follows:

  • $70 Paid in Advance
  • $120 Per Couple, Paid in Advance
  • $80 Per Person at the Door.

Click HERE to pay for your TN Handgun Carry Training

Handgun Carry Permit Schedule

Currently, we have the following date(s) scheduled for training and will update the schedule as needed.

  • 21 November  0700 until 1500/3pm Classroom & Range
  • 28 November  0700 until 1500/3pm Classroom & Range
  • 29 November  0700 until 1500/3pm Classroom & Range
  • More Coming Soon.

On your scheduled training day, be sure to plan on coming a little early.  We all know how traffic is.  

Training Locations

Classroom:  This is not your ordinary training location.  You may never see a more unique training environment...ever.  Located at 1029 Elm Hill Pike Nashville, TN 37210 is Training Center Pros, Inc, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that specializes in Improvised Explosive Devices, Weapons of Mass Destruction and other Counter-Terrorism training and the gear used to conduct those operations.  There's even a Fast Rope and Rappelling tower to simulate air operations during training scenarios.  As an FYI, you will not be Fast Roping during the Handgun Carry Permit training.

Firing Range:  You'll prove your handgun proficiency at Shooter's Guns and Ammo and Range located just around the corner from Training Center Pros at 575 Murfreesboro Pike Nashville, TN 37210.

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